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Top 5 Popular Bouncy Castle Add on Products

When parents are planning a children’s bouncy castle party, there can be questions of what the kids will do when you get them there.

Sure you’ve got the bouncy castle that they’ll undoubtedly have a ton of fun using, but there’s a limit to how many people can use it one at once.

Having cross-sells and additional activities to offer prospective bouncy castle hirers can not only help make their party a success, but you also acquiring more business, meaning they can get all of their party accessories from one supplier – a win win!

There are some great add on products which are ideal to hire out alongside your bouncy castle or inflatable, generating an extra income revenue really easily.

Here are our top 5:

1. Sumo Suits


These have been around for a long time, but are still really popular. As well as the standard sumo styled suits, there are be themed ones such as superhero’s.

You can even get the adults involved with their very own sumo suits. They provide great entertainment for participants and spectators alike. Along with this, anyone hiring a set of sumo suits is likely to need one of the sumo mats allowing you to hire out full sets.

Check out our sumo suits.

2. Soft Play


If it’s party that will have younger children there, where it might not be suitable for them to use the bouncy castle, having [soft play] items is always a good suggestion.

Soft play shapes, barriers and areas are all very popular add ons and ideal for keeping the much younger children separated from the older children. With so much variety of soft play available, people are bound to find something to suit them.

Having a variety of different soft play sets, such as animal and shape soft play items, would also allow you to create and hire out matching sets.

Check out our soft play.

3. Didi cars

These are really popular at the moment kids are going crazy for them and it’s a lot more price efficient for people to hire these, than buying them (as well as more convenient).

Making up a Didi Cars kit that lets people set out race tracks or courses for the kids to pass could help with making it a more attractive package for people to hire.

Getting some small cones, finishing line strips and a flag will make hiring some Didi Cars feel like a complete activity pack, allowing you to not only offer the Didi Cars, but an activity to go along with it.

4. Nerf gun target


This is a fairly new one on the scene but nerf guns are so popular with boys at the moment it’s fast becoming a very great add on. And what better to go with Nerf guns than an inflatable target to shoot at?

These provide an excellent activity for parties, fates and fairs, providing an activity to base it around (as well as stop people shooting each other too much).

Check out our inflatable Nerf gun target.

5. Popcorn/Candy Floss Machine

These are great and the perfect accompaniment to parties and what kid doesn’t love popcorn and candyfloss?

Being able to offer this, alongside a bouncy castle allows you to provide a lot of what’s needed takes away the need for people to look elsewhere for this. You could even do a bouncy castle candyfloss or popcorn machine special deal to really entice the customers in!

These are our top 5 additions to hire out with bouncy castles, but there are lots more options that you can offer alongside your bouncy castle hire.

Do you need any inflatables, bouncy castles or additions? Get in touch with us!

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