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Is Bouncy Castle Hire a Good Business to Start?

February 27, 2020

We often get lots of people new to the industry and looking to start hiring bouncy castles to make some extra money so I’m going to list below some great benefits of the industry:-

  • You can start hiring bouncy castles out alongside a current full or part time job as most bouncy castle hires tend to be on the weekend
  • Capital investment is not high and can be flexible to your budget
  • You can build as you go so invest in further products as you start to earn more money
  • Can be made into a full time income over time
  • Can be juggled around family commitments
  • Can be advertised free/very cheap to gain customers

Like any business you look to start though its always advisable to lots of research into the market and your area, we would always recommend not spending too much on your first order in case you decide its not for you and also make sure you pick the best items to invest in i.e. unisex childrens bouncy castles which are always appealing to both boys and girls and can easily fit in any back garden. You can always invest in more items or larger items like obstacle courses and inflatable slides at a later date when you are earning more money and once you know its the right industry for you.

We provide an indepth business guide, training dvd and constant support with any order so we are always on hand to help you get your business up and running and make sure you are fully aware of all the regulations etc.

Premier Inflate Team

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