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How To Make Sure You Are a Reputable/Safety Conscious Company

November 13, 2019

There are lots of bouncy castle hirers out there all hiring their castles out for a wide range of prices – if you have done your market research you should have a good idea what the average hire price is for your area.

However you don’t want to compete with the cheapest – cheapest isn’t always best as it gives the perception to the customer that you are cutting corners etc! its ok to be at the cheaper end if you wish to get more customers but less profit in each hire however here are some top tips to make sure you are still operating a safety conscious company so your customers and potential customers can see you are a reputable operator:

  • Make sure all your inflatables have a valid safety test on them and keep them stored in a safe place to be ready to show any customers that might ask – all Bouncy castles and Inflatables need to be tested every 12 months by a competent individual so this could be a manufacturer, RPII Inspector or a PIPA inspector.
  • Make sure you have sufficient insurance in place to cover your Bouncy Castles and ensure that any new items bought etc are updated on your policy straight away – again having these documents in a safe place to show any customer that may ask to see it. We also recommend having disclaimers that the customer signs when the Bouncy Castle is going out to hire to confirm that they understand all the safety procedures that you have advised them off – this gives you extra protection.
  • Make sure your bouncy castle is secured to the ground properly and with the correct amount of pegs or sandbags – even if your inflatable has more anchor points than is necessary it doesn’t look very good if you don’t anchor them all into the ground.
  • Make sure you go round the inflatable with your customer before the party time etc and go through all safety aspects that they need to look out for – this shows them that you are a safety conscious company and you are not quickly dropping the inflatable off for them to figure it out! Even if they have hired from you before we would still recommend a recap of procedures.
  • Make sure you have placed enough safety mats around the entrance and exit points of the bouncy castle – again this is a necessity to ensure users safety and one safety mat at the front of the step is NOT sufficient so all entrance and exit points should have safety mats all around.
  • Don’t be afraid to cancel a booking due to bad weather – whilst we appreciate this is very frustrating to have bookings cancelled last minute they need to be aware that this is for the users safety so rain or heavy winds etc and the booking needs to be cancelled – weather reports can be checked frequently and if you are unsure then call the customer a few days before to give them a bit of notice that the weather isn’t looking great and it may be cancelled at least then they have advance notice.
  • Make sure you encourage your customers to leave online reviews as these days everyone checks company reviews and having lots of positive reviews from previous customers will instantly show people you are a credible company – happy customers will also let other people know of your company and its great for word of mouth and repeat customers.

We hope that this has been useful but if there is anything further we can help with please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Premier Inflate Team

01952 929393

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