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How to Choose the Right Bouncy Castle

When looking to purchase a new inflatable or bouncy castle, there are always a number of things to consider. Regardless of if it’s your first or you want to expand your range, we need to take into account the several elements to ensure we make the best choice.

1. Who is going to be using it

Do you want a bouncy castle just for children or one that adults can use too? Some people prefer to buy an adults bouncy castle just incase the adults decide to use a children’s bouncy castle which could potentially cause it some damage.

However, some people purely like to stick to children’s parties in which case the cheaper option would be to buy a children’s bouncy castle.

2. What size is most manageable for you

When it comes to bouncy castles, there are a range of different sizes to choose from. Who you are expecting/wanting to use the inflatable will play into this (child, adult), and you want to ensure that the size you choose, you can take care of and manage.

This is especially important if you are going to be running the business on your own. It would be better to stick to a size bouncy castle or inflatable that will be easy for you to transport around, bearing in mind a sack truck can be purchased to make it easier for you.

3. What artwork do you think will be best

The artwork is also a really important factor. If you are new to the industry of hiring out inflatables we would always recommend a unisex theme like party artwork. This way you won’t be restricted to who you can hire out to, for example, if you purchase a princess bouncy castle, there won’t be many boys parties wanting that style.

Alternatively, if your looking at a few themes why not consider a velcro bouncy castle and purchasing detachable velcro artwork sets so the theme can easily be changed and this is much more cost effective.

4. Will it be used indoors or outdoors

Depending on whether it’s going to be used indoors more often than outdoors, you’ve got a couple of options in terms of style. A-Frame or 4 Post design.

The A-Frame bouncy castles come with sun / rain cover which is fully attached so ideal for outdoor use in case of any light showers and to also protect from high sunshine.

A 4 post bouncy castle on the other hand, is ideal for indoor use, especially when it’s used in a space with a low ceiling. Indoor use also means it’s ideal throughout winter months when most bookings will be indoor hires.

5. Your budget

Your budget will play a role in what you are able to purchase in terms of an inflatable and It’s a good idea when you begin searching you can filter the results by price and see what’s available for your budget. There is some advice we have when looking at pricing.

Cheapest isn’t always the best option. When looking, the price needs to be taken into account, sure. But you should also be looking at the quality of the product, what does it come with, how is it manufactured.

If you still need any help choosing the right inflatable or bouncy castle, we are always hear to discuss anything over the phone.

Premier Inflate Team.

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