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How long does it take to set up a Bouncy Castle for Hire

March 09, 2020

We get lots of questions on how long it takes to set up a Bouncy Castle for Hire and generally people are surprised to hear but it can be done within 10 minutes. Please see below the steps to setting up your bouncy castle and we will also link a useful video to show you how its done:-

  • remove any straps from around the inflatable
  • roll it out so its laid out how you would like it position on the floor
  • take the inflatable fan and securely attach it to the inflatable funnel
  • tie up/secure the deflation funnel
  • plug in the fan so the bouncy castle will start to inflate.
  • once the fan is fully inflated go round and secure the anchor points into the ground using steel riveted pegs
  • place safety mats around the step of the bouncy castle and any other entrance/exit points.

Once you have completed these steps the bouncy castle is ok to be used. – please see the link below to our popular YouTube video which shows these steps.

Posted by devadmin

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