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How Heavy is a Bouncy Castle?

November 12, 2018

We get lots of people asking how heavy a bouncy castle is. This is generally so they have a clearer idea of how the resources they’ll need to transport, set up and dismantle. There is, however, no definitive answer to this, what with sizes, the type of inflatable and so on to consider, but we’re going to take a look through so you can get a better idea of how much they weigh.

How much does a bouncy castle weigh?

This is a difficult question to answer outright as every bouncy castle and inflatable is obviously a different weight depending on its size and the type inflatable – for example, our 15x11ft bouncy castle (for children) weighs approximately 58kg, whereas a 18x18ft adult bouncy castle weighs approximately 84kg.

We do try and put a weight for each product in the description so this information is always to hand.

How many people are needed for a bouncy castle set up?

Most bouncy castles are generally quite often managed by one person only but again every person is different so whilst one person may find this easily manageable to inflate and deflate a bouncy castle on their own, another may struggle.

Just know that the more you do it the easier it becomes, as you’ll get more of a feel or the hang for how to handle, transport and set up the inflatable, like anything else when you do it, you pick up more and it gets easier each time.

Sack trucks are one of the best for transporting your inflatables to and from your car/van, so if you’re in the inflatable hire business, it’s worth investing in one.

What about other inflatables?

Inflatables like mega slides and obstacle course are ultimately going to be much heavier but again, many people are still able to set these up on their own. However, if you are just starting your inflatable business, we would recommend getting used to bouncy castles first, before investing in heavier items so you can get used to the process of managing and doing the setup.

As we said above there are weights and dimensions in the descriptions of products anyway so this should give a good indication for you as to whether you would also like to include a sack truck with your bouncy castle/inflatable order or not.

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