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What Makes a Good Bouncy Castle Package Deal?

June 17, 2019

An inflatable bouncy castle package is an ideal way of expanding your inflatable portfolio to include more styles and designs. This is especially ideal for new starter companies or even existing hirers who still like to have everything included in their order. They also normally are offered at a discount as the items are sold in bulk (and who doesn’t love to save a bit of money?)

So when looking to get a bouncy castle package, you will always want to get a deal that has what you need. Part of that is understanding what you get as part of the package deal, when you’re looking at one, as getting everything that you need, or simply the inflatables shown?

The basics you should expect from a bouncy castle and inflatable package deal should provide you with what you need to start hiring out and using your inflatable, which would include:

  • Bouncy castle and inflatables
  • A way of securing the inflatable
  • The safety certificate

So for example, when you order one of our inflatable package deals, you get the bouncy castle and inflatables, for securing it, you would get safety pegs and rope to secure outdoors and sandbags for use indoors. And of course, all of ours come with the safety certificate, built to BSEN:14960 safety regulations.

Note: These aren’t the only things ours are supplied with, but what you should expect as a minimum.

However, to spot a really good package deal, you should look at the extra’s that come with it. A few additional things to look out for are:

  • A way to transport (sack truck)
  • Business Guide/Operating Manuals
  • Hire Agreement Templates
  • Safety guidelines
  • Super Foam Mats
  • Repair Kit
  • Training DVD
  • Blower or inflater
  • Bag to store inflatable
  • Groundsheet

You might be hard-pressed to find an inflatable package deal that contained all the items listed above, but the extras are what can make the deal worthwhile. Always make sure that the essentials are included, then look at what other items are included in the package and then if there are any additional items you might need to purchase.

If you haven’t already, check out our range of inflatable and bouncy castle package deals!

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