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Why Buy a Commercial Bouncy Castle for Sale

February 10, 2020

If you are already hiring out bouncy castles or are looking to start your bouncy castle hire business you may see people hiring cheap ‘TOY’ Bouncy Castles which can be purchased from the likes of Argos which are perfect for young children to use at home – however they are definitely not suitable for commercial hires and whilst the price may look appealing they will not be covered under any insurance.

The reason why commercial bouncy castles are more expensive than the toy bouncy castles is simply due to the commercial materials used to make our bouncy castles and inflatables – on top of this they are manufactured using commercial machinery and made to last so they can withstand every day use which is what they are intended for.

All our bouncy castles and inflatables for sale come with a free safety test which is valid for the first 12 months and shows that they have been manufactured to BSEN 14690 standards and will be covered under insurance.

Ultimately its not worth buying toy inflatables as not only could this damage your reputation for providing poor quality products it can also be damaging to your business if an accident occurs and you have no valid insurance for it.

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