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Velcro Bouncy Castles

November 19, 2018

What are velcro bouncy castles

Velcro bouncy castles are much the same as regular/traditional bouncy castles. The main differentiating factor, is that, instead of having artwork at the front, they are usually plain/blank. In this place, there are sections where artwork can be attached via velcro (see example below).

Upside to velcro bouncy castles

The ability to remove the artwork can make for numerous benefits to a bouncy castle and inflatable hirers. The first (and most obvious), is that you can expand the themes you have available, while not needing to expand the number of bouncy castles you stock.

With velcro artwork being cheaper than buying a whole new bouncy castle, this makes it a cheaper alternative to buying multiple inflatables with different designs on. As well as this, with the artwork being detachable, it’s easier to clean after it’s been used.

What’s customisable with velcro

The customisable sections will depend on the inflatable. For instance, here we offer both bouncy castles and ball ponds customised velcro art work, so it depends on the inflatable.

In the case of our bouncy castles, the customisable section is at the front, archway. This is made up of 5 pieces.

We also do some with 6 sections, which includes 5 for the archway and 1 for the edge of the entrance mat.

What offer here

At Premier Inflate, we manufacture any bouncy castle with Velcro on it and we include artwork on the inflatable and 1 set of Velcro artwork included in the charge for adding the Velcro so straight away you get 2 themes.

You can see our full range of detachable velcro artwork we have available here.

We offer a range of bouncy castles where you can apply detachable velcro artwork.

Our most popular size is 15 x 11ft. We also have a combi bouncy castle (with slide), as well as an adults 15 x 15ft size bouncy castle.

If you’d like more information about our detachable velcro artwork inflatables or possible want something custom, get in touch with us.

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