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Most Popular Bouncy Castles

March 20, 2017

If your new to the industry or looking to join the industry you might be wondering what the most popular bouncy castles are, which ones to start with, which ones are the best earners etc?

If your new to the industry you definitely need to consider a 15×11 Bouncy castle – these are the most popular bouncy castles by far as they are perfect for back garden hire – they can be made in any theme but if you are starting with just one bouncy castle its ideal to go for a neutral themed bouncy castle like party so its great for both boys and girls. the A frame ones are ideal for outdoor use and 4 post ones are perfect for indoor use, although depending on the ceiling height of the venue a A frame/roofed castle can still fit comfortably indoors too.

Probably the second most popular bouncy castle is the 17×15 Combi Bouncy Castle basically the same as a 15×11 but with a slide on the side which gives it something extra for the kids to enjoy – whilst really popular because of the size its restricted by garden size, especially these days where gardens more often long and slim, this bouncy castle is wider so not ideal as your first, but great to have after or as part of your first package order – definitely worth having in your fleet thats for sure.

In 2016 we saw the new disco dome which has become so popular and is still, proving to be popular in 2017 alongside the disco bouncy castle which is the cheaper alternative.

It’s really popular as it gives the added extra of the Bluetooth speaker and LED lights giving the full disco effect.

There are plenty of other great castles but these definitely seem to be the most popular for 2017.

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