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June 03, 2019

When we get asked for the best artwork themes to have on a bouncy castle our answer depends on what bouncy castles you already have. We always state that the most popular artwork themes are Party / Balloons / Emoji etc especially if you are new to the industry however even if you already have a few bouncy castles these are still great to have a few of just purely because they are so popular just because they are appealing to both boys and girls and by keeping the theme non specific you are opening yourself up to a wider market.

However the below themes are also great unisex themes to have:-

If you are looking to offer your customers lots of different themes but perhaps haven’t got the funds, patience or storage to have lots of different bouncy castles then a good suggestion would be get a couple of velcro bouncy castles and you can purchase lots of different velcro artwork sets for just £99.00 plus VAT and this is a much more cost effective way of providing a wider selection.

Premier Inflate Team.

Posted by devadmin

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