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How to Maintain your Bouncy Castles and Inflatables

June 06, 2019

A lot of people in the bouncy castle industry are unsure what to do to best maintain their bouncy castle or inflatable.

We all obviously want to keep our inflatables looking as clean and new as possible, on the one hand, this is to make sure our customers are happy with what they’re hiring and also, the better it is maintained then the longer it will last.

Here’s our best advice for keeping your bouncy castles clean:

Spray down after us

Firstly and probably an obvious point, but it should be cleaned in between every hire, exceptions can be made if it’s an indoor hire and doesn’t get dirty.

There are lots of good ways to clean it, but to start, inflate it in your back garden. If you’re looking to clean it on a budget then giving it a thorough wipe down warm soapy water should do just fine too.

If however, you have the time and funds, then a bouncy castle cleaning solution, which ca spray on (a lot of our customers rave about HG Mould remover).

Once cleaned, leave for ten minutes then clean it off with warm water and then let it dry out whilst inflated. Make sure it’s stored somewhere dry once it is fully dried after cleaning it – any damp that’s left on there can cause mould so it really is imperative that your bouncy castle is dry.

If you think your bouncy castle may be stored away for a long period of time i.e. over the winter period you could also cover the inflatable in talcum powder so it absorbs any damp then when you come to use it again just give it a quick clean to get the talcum powder off.

Safely store your inflatable

Speaking of storing your bouncy castles, we would recommend when not in use that you always store it in a bouncy castle bag.

This keeps safe from general wear and tear such as when transporting it, keeping it stored in a bag keeps the material from getting damaged, plus it also makes it easier for you to carry around.

Use groundsheets

One of the parts most liable for wear on a bouncy castle is the underside. With it always going to have a lot of use, due to it running on the ground when the inflatable is in use, especially when used outside.

When the bouncy castle is out on hire, make sure you have a groundsheet underneath – this stops the underneath from getting too dirty and again also protects the bouncy castle material from any tears or rips from any little stones that may be on the floor etc.

Avoid using on rainy days

It’s not ideal to use a bouncy castle in the rain. This will affect the materials and it can also be a safety hazard when wet, making it dangerous for the users. So if you suspect rain, it would not be advisable to go ahead with the hire.

Ensure repairs are fixed

Whatever precautions we use to maintain and keep inflatables, it is inevitable to wear and have need for repairs.

We would always advise that if you have any repairs that need doing, to get them dealt with professionally as quickly as possible, as the longer they are left the worse they can become.

A small tear a repair kit can be used as a temporary solution until you can get it repaired properly.

Alternatively, get it professionaly cleaned

We are all busy people and sometimes, we don’t have the time to be able to give all our inflatables a thorough clean after use.

In these cases, you can get a professional bouncy castle and inflatable cleaner (like us), who can provide a thorough cleaning service and help maintain that fresh and clean look.

We hope some of these points have helped and are useful to you.

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