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How Heavy is a Bouncy Castle?

We often get asked how much to charge for hires, especially when someone is new to the industry and buying their first Bouncy Castles.

The answer generally comes down to is – it depends.

This is really difficult for us to answer as there are a number of aspects to take into account, such as:

  • How many competitors you have in your target area.
  • How much competitors are charging for similar inflatables.
  • How much to cover your expenses (such as fuel to deliver).

The average price can vary massively depending on where you are based, the number of people competing in that area and the types of inflatables they’re hiring out (are they for children, adults, bouncy castles, inflatable obstacle courses etc.)

The best advice we can give is do the market research for your area and see what your competitors are charging and then decide where you would like to rank price wise. To find competitors and getting an idea for prices is easily accomplished with a simple Google search for: bouncy castle hire [your area].

Some people go for the middle margin and go off the average area price whilst others prefer to have higher prices, perhaps they think their bouncy castles/inflatables are of better quality or a larger range.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in an area where you have very little competition, your prices can be a little higher than places with a lot of bouncy castle hirers. We’ve previously said that the ideal is to make your money back in 10 hires (if less than this, that’s even better).

So for example, if you’re looking to get a bouncy castle that you can hire out for children’s parties, you get a a popular inflatable like a 15ft x 11ft deluxe party bouncy castle, which is fairly flexible and can be used for a range of occasions. The cost of this is £499.99, to make the money back in 10 hires, you’d be looking to charge £50 per hire.

Always bear in mind that there will be people who hire for very cheap, this is not something we’d recommend you trying to compete with, as having the cheapest price is not always best. You want to show your potential customers that your Bouncy Castles and service are worth paying for. So make sure you’re always on time, make sure the customer is happy and your bouncy castles are always clean and presentable, this means your customers are happy to pay a fair price.

Also, nobody wants to be very busy over a weekend (especially if starting up alongside a full-time job) for very little profit, it can be very tiring for little reward so it would be better for you to get a better price for your work and just be confident in your pricing.

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