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Bouncy Castles and Hot Weather

October 03, 2023

When the weather starts warming up it’s the perfect time for a bouncy castle to keep the kids happy, or even the adults happy too! However you might wonder, can you still use your bouncy castle in hot weather? The answer is yes.

Due to continuous air flow, this helps the bouncy castle stay inflated, and air will naturally escape from the seams meaning a continuous stable pressure is maintained. This means a bouncy castle cannot burst or be overinflated, especially in hot weather too.

The only risk in using your inflatable in hot weather is the material getting really hot, especially in the sun. The temperature of the bouncy castle should be closely monitored by attendants, and if they deem the inflatable as too hot for use then operations should stop until the inflatable returns to a safe temperature. While using a bouncy castle in hot weather it is crucial to make sure the users are well hydrated and appropriately clothed, such as wearing socks and short clothing.

There’s no stopping you using your inflatable in hot weather, just make sure the users are safe. Happy bouncing!

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